Wednesday, April 5, 2017


Sometimes you choose to make things a little rough to enjoy things later.  The first part of that sentence would be where I'm at right now.  With large repair numbers floating thru my head, I am accepting all work that comes across my desk.
Accepting all work and kids home on spring break involves a bit of guilt on my part.  Now mind you, they are doing fine.  I mean my blog last night was completely truthful about them having fun and just enjoying life.  *sigh*  I still don't like the thought of work so much when they are home this week.  Next week?  Sure, why not.  But this week?  Bleh.
Well I have one adventurous day planned this week when we will leave the house and try something new!  BUT, to do that and continue on with all this work I've accepted, that means I'm working even more right now to squeeze a day of fun.  It will most definitely be completely worth it!  And, this whole experience once again solidifies the idea that the next time we have a rental property, we will have a very different procedure in place!
Tonight I am thankful once again that I have a job that I can make work around my family.  I have to remind myself of that often.  It comes up here in my blog often because I have to remind myself to be thankful of this.  Sometimes it seems like a complete drag to have an office here at home that always has work that needs to be done.  I'd rather punch a time clock on some days.  Ok, not really.  The thought sometimes sounds alluring.  But I've been there and done that and this is much more my style.  So when this job seems like a complete pain in the bum.  I remind myself to be thankful that I can take on more work when my family needs more income.  And I remind myself to be thankful that I can move things around in my schedule so that on nights like tonight, we can go as a family to a used book sale (2 filled to the brim bags for $18!) and we can have dinner as a family before I headed back in to my office.  This job is a blessing and I do remember that even when I don't want to admit that fact.  Good night all!

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