Thursday, April 20, 2017

The Big Day!

Tomorrow is the big day!
Let me digress for a minute.
Last year I worked like crazy with a huge goal in mind to become debt free!  And we did it!  This year I wanted to work less.
I worked less for about two months.
Then we've had some ongoing tenant/rental home issues.  We have more repairs to do to our own house.  There are just these big ticket items staring at us that make me cringe at the thought of working so much again.  But it seems almost necessary.  But I won't do it.
There had to be a better way.
I'm working on it.
I found two major overhauls to my current system.  And time just seems to be dragging to get them implemented!!  One overhaul is with a start-up company.  They have a wonderful product.  But they do not have the staff to keep up with their demand.  Once I realized this, I've been calling them regularly.  I'm being polite.  But I'm keeping myself at the top of their list!
I started this quarter of 2017 with specific goals for business improvement and I intend on hitting them!
Tomorrow, over a breakfast meeting I will roll out the new systems to my gal who keeps me from going crazy with all this work!  We're going to get this thing down pat soon!  And I'll keep looking still for ways to improve!
So far I've had to delay this meeting twice now.  Two weeks have gone by waiting for a break in work and waiting for the new systems to be in place.  Two weeks of working my butt off knowing that it should be easier if the new systems were in place.  Two weeks of begrudgingly trying hard, wishing for a break in time enough to make improvements.  Two Weeks Ends Tomorrow!
Tonight I am thankful that tomorrow is the day!  I know there may be some hiccups still.  I'm not expecting perfection.  But I'm looking forward to improvement and efficiency for sure!

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