Friday, April 7, 2017


This hangs on my wall in my office.  I can look over at it all day long if I need to.  It is sometimes easy to lose motivation until I glance to my left.
Like this week.  This week has been spring break.  And I've been working like a dog.  I am very thankful that the kids and I went off and had fun yesterday!  To allow for that, I haven't slept enough all week.  And I am even more thankful that the kids have had fun just being home and being kids.   Today there were Lego villages and blanket forts and popcorn parties.
I remind the kids now and then.  I want them to understand.  Their father and I working so much is with a purpose.  We are working thru these steps.  We have a good end goal here . . . peace.  Financial peace.  I hope they see all this trouble we are going thru because we once lived like everyone else.  Credit cards and loans are "normal".  And we were normal.  We decided two years ago that we don't want to be normal anymore.  We don't want to worry about money anymore.  We don't want to live like that.  We want to be able to help those that need help.  We want to be able to enjoy things.  We decided not to just stick our heads in the sand and hope that tomorrow would be better.  We did research.  We made a game plan.  We have fallen down and gotten back up countless times.  But we have been going forward.
I pray that my kids take note of this time.  I hope they think of this when they grow up and someone offers for them to buy something on credit.  I hope they remember that "the borrower is the servant of the lender".  I hope they choose to wait until they have the cash for what they want.  I hope they live in peace, even and especially financial peace.
This week I have sat in a courthouse with people 20 years older than myself who aren't sure where they are going to live in a month.  They have no financial peace and they have no plan.  I plan on giving them a copy of Dave Ramsey's book.  This week I have listened to people 30 years older than myself who are going to lose their house because a life of debt was "normal", until they retired and life happened.  This week I have prayed for these people and have been thankful that we can learn from their mistakes without going down that road ourselves.
Tonight I am thankful for a conversation with a kiddo today that reminded me that maybe the kids are paying attention.  He was looking at our 6 Month Emergency Fund chart and asking questions.  He liked that this would be our safety net is something unexpected were to happen.  He's understanding some steps to live with peace, financial peace . . it's important.

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