Thursday, May 4, 2017

80 mph

About a month ago I started a completely wonderful and amazing program called EntreLeadership.  I wasn't sure at first because the fee was higher than I was comfortable with.  And I just couldn't see that the content would be there to support the fee.
I was so wrong!  The first week or so I didn't do a lot with it.  I was waiting until I "had the time".  Well then it dawned on me that I was paying for this thing I wasn't using.  And that's just wrong and wasteful!
So I've been playing videos while I work and playing podcasts when I'm out driving.  The information and wisdom here is beyond gold.  I still have so far to go and so much to learn!
I will admit, this has also been wearing me out a bit more.  My brain already runs at 60 mph for most of my waking minutes.  Now it's been at 80 with all this wonderful new stuff!
Tonight I am thankful for knowledge and learning from other's experiences.  And I am thankful for a nice warm bed; because that is where I am taking this sleepy brain of mine!

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