Monday, May 22, 2017

Big Mouth

So here's what is great about the internet . . . I have found that I am not completely abnormal!!  You may scoff at that and think - "actually you are abnormal, sorry the internet lied to you".  But I guarantee that there are others out there that share some traits of mine!
Let me take you back in time to my first regular 40 hour a week job with benefits.  I was 18 when I started.  And was probably in a little over my head.  Luckily, that's never scared me.  I ended up getting laid off from that job.  There were several reasons.  But the one that probably sealed my fate was when I walked in to the Vice President's office to point out something that just wasn't right.  It was something he had done.  I honestly thought he cared about what was right, and that he had missed all the facts of what he had done.  It should be of no shock to anyone that I was considered slightly insubordinate.
At another job I was in a meeting and very politely corrected my boss.  He didn't like that.  He argued with me.  I proved him wrong with his own QS9000 book on his desk.  After the meeting he had another meeting just with me, where I was instructed to not do that again.  That just seemed silly to me.  If we were having a meeting, then everyone should have correct information.  It was just logical.  Why wait until after the meeting to point something out?  How unproductive!  That boss later tried to fire me.  I rolled my eyes at him in a meeting with the guy who ran the plant.  Oops.  Fortunately, there was another boss guy there who saw my loud mouthed potential and spoke up for me.
So I regret nothing.  Seriously.  It was logically a right or wrong situation.  I've never been one to censor myself due to a title or situation.
Most people have a little more thought on these situations and see where a little vocal suppression may help them keep a job or something.  I see that point.  I do.  I just don't feel that is the right route for me.
Ok, so with that knowledge about my choices in life with words; it is easy to see where I don't feel I necessarily go with the norm with my verbal blunt-ness.  Most people choose to be quiet and keep their jobs . . and that's obviously a good life choice.
And then, I was listening to Dave Ramsey and he was talking about an Entrepreneurial person.  He was describing characteristics like shorter attention spans, lots of ideas, and then he said "truth tellers".  He said these are the people who will tell it like it is.  He talked about a person he had working with him.  The man told Dave that his idea sucked . . in a meeting.  Dave was not liking being told that.  And he reminded the man that he owned the company and had socks older than the boy.  The man replied, "I don't care that you own the company, your idea still sucks".  I would totally do that!!!  Ownership of a company doesn't make an idea good.  A boss running a meeting doesn't make him right.  And a man managing a plant doesn't make his treatment of people above questioning.
I like the perspective that I'm not rude first of all . . that does good things for my ego.  I never set out to be rude, although that is how I am taken.  I set out to have the right thing done, as I move around people.  People, who are all just people, none more and none less.
Tonight I am thankful to find that I am not the only one who would lose multiple jobs rather than turn up the verbal mute button.  Again nothing against those who can control their mouths and keep their jobs.  It doesn't seem like a difficult concept; it's just not one that's done well with me.  There is a big reason that I work for myself.  I won't fire myself!  Well not anytime soon anyway ;)

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