Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Every Moment

I had a 9am appointment this morning.  A man opened the door.  I walked in and a little girl ran up to me who proudly proclaimed, "I Used The POTTY!".  I congratulated her and told her what a good job that was!
Upstairs I had to peak quietly in to a bedroom because the baby was sleeping.  I opened the door and a pair of blue eyes stared at me.  I smiled and waved and backed out slowly.
I remember those days well.  It makes my heart happy to think of my babies when they were babies.
I am very thankful for who they are now!  I love watching them grow and become their own people!  And I do NOT want to go back to diaper days.  But sometimes, some random stranger children take me back to the innocent days when my babies stayed with me all day long.  There was no outside world trying to force them to grow up faster than they were ready for.  There was no one talking about the news or the evils of the world.  There were just smiles and laughs; with the celebration of little things, like using the potty.
Tonight I am thankful that my children all use the potty quite well by themselves!  I want to reiterate that I am very content with where we are now in life!  I am thankful for where we are now as a family!  These kids have worked hard to be who they are today!  And I couldn't be more proud or more thankful!  I am also thankful for all the memories we've made as a family!  Every stage of life is precious and will live in my heart forever. :)

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