Sunday, May 7, 2017

Glad I Didn't Leave

We took the family out to breakfast this morning.
I think ever since the children could talk, I've had them order their own food.  This is good to help them learn to be confident when speaking with others.  And of course, for them to be able to articulate what they want.  As an adult, a cheeseburger and fries is easy to say.  At 2 or 3, it is harder.
Anyway, before the ordering, I ok their orders.
so we sat down at our booth with our menus.  We worked thru 4 orders of what they wanted and what they could actually order.  Then I looked at the menu for myself.  This whole process takes around five minutes at times . . times like this morning.  I didn't clock it, but we were close.  Once everything was decided, I looked up at the hubby.  He looked irritated.
It only dawned on me than that no one had come by for our drink orders.  He had noticed several minutes ago.  He said something about leaving.  I said ok, let's go.  I'm sorry but, yes, I've walked out restaurants before.  I'm not horrible about it.  But if the experience starts out that way, it usually never gets better.  I've found especially with our clan of 6, this theory seems to true 100% of the time.
The hubster was on the fence, but his ears were turning red.  So I moved to get up from the booth and leave.  At that moment a waitress came up.  She apologized for our delay.  There was something about a waitress who didn't work there anymore and they still had the girl on the schedule, so they were short staffed.  We gave her our orders.  But I was skeptical.  VERY skeptical.
A couple minutes later the manager came over and apologized.  This was a first in our experiences of slow service.  After she talked with us, I saw her walk over to the waitress and say something to her.  A bit later the waitress came back and said that our drink would be free and our mail would be discounted.  I was impressed at this point.  We hadn't asked for anything.  And most times nowadays, businesses don't just come out and offer to make something right.
We had a wonderful breakfast.  I watched our waitress cover extra tables, looking pretty frazzled, but smiling at each table.  She was attentive.  And she was definitely trying to keep up with her extra load.  We left her a big tip.
Tonight I am thankful for a breakfast that totally redeemed itself!  We will be back.  And we'll ask if our waitress is working when we come in :)

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