Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Green Stuff

I am not good at eating green stuff.
Well I like grapes :)  They come in green!  Granny Smith Apples :)  Corn on the cob comes in a green peel, does that count?
I like peas slathered in butter and salt.  And I can do a salad with trace amounts of spinach and romaine leaves, sloshing around in ranch dressing, chicken, cheese, and boiled eggs.
I understand how this is not healthy.
I take multi-vitamins . .  not the same - I get it.
Last year I bought some green powder to make green juice.  I forced myself to drink it for about a week.  Then I gagged it up and it came out my nose (sorry, but true).  I just couldn't do it after that.  And the canister has just sat in my kitchen.  I recently had the brain storm to buy capsules and put the green powder in to those and just swallow them.  Amazon Prime has delivered the capsules, now I just have to fill them with the green powder stuff.
Well, I am trying to be healthy and try more things.  Yesterday I ordered a mozzarella chicken salad from Wendy's.  First of all . . . that's an expensive salad.  There was pretty green leaves on the top of the salad, and white, slimy stuff under the first green layer.  Surprisingly I did like the mozzarella on the salad.  So I counted the whole experience a win.  And I'll probably add mozzarella to salads from now on.
I have avocados sitting on the counter that have been waiting for me.  I've googled different recipes to do with these things.  I don't like guacamole.  Using them in a chicken salad sounded possible.  Today though, I tried making them in to fries.  Because . . . Fries!  Right?  Um . . . no.  I choked down about three of them drenched in ketchup.  Maybe tomorrow I'll try one smashed up in the chicken salad idea.
Tonight I am thankful that I haven't given up on my green experiments.  I know, I know, you're thinking, "Jess, it's only been two days!".  Guess what?  That's two more days then I've done before!  I usually make it about 15 minutes and bail on the whole idea!

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