Monday, May 15, 2017


A local credit union has this neat program with the school.  They come in once a week and the kids get to do their banking.  5th graders get to apply at the beginning of the year to "work" for the credit union.  They have real applications, an interview process, the whole nine yards!
Tonight was the end of the year party for the kid credit union workers.  My hard working banker went out there and tried her best to roller skate.  Unfortunately, the child has her mother's coordination.  She took the skates off after a bit of time and put her shoes back on.  She has a new appreciation for her shoes!  
I let her play on my phone, making silly pictures until she was ready to head home.  We cranked the radio and sang along.  We were silly and laughing.  It was an absolutely wonderful ride home!  She's been a bit anxious lately about things.  It was wonderful to see her being silly and laughing!
Tonight I am thankful for a fun time tonight with my daughter!  I love our family all together!  And I love the one on one time!  

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