Monday, May 8, 2017

Mom Guilt

Oh the Mom Guilt :(  I hate the mom guilt :(
I was all prepared to write my blog about my morning adventures of catching a runaway horse.
But no.
That won't be tonight's blog.
I have been growing my nails out.  They are painted all pretty.
This afternoon I was reaching for my son.  He turned at the last minute.  I scratched his face.  It looks absolutely horrible :(  A line on his forehead . . . check.  A big gouge right under his eye . . . check.  I feel like a monster :(
I know it was an accident.  He knows it was an accident.  I came in my office and cried.  I hurt my baby boy :(
Tonight I'm thankful that wounds heal.  In a week or so, he'll be all healed up.  In the meantime I'll cry a little more in my office.
P.S.  I cut my nails now.

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