Sunday, May 14, 2017


Happy Mother's Day!
I hope everyone got to have some fun today with a special mother in their life!  I've known for a long time that I have a very special Mom.  :)
The thing that still amazes me the most is how she gave things to my brother and I that she never had.  She didn't dream big things for herself growing up; but she made us believe that anything was possible.  That still amazes me.  Most people want better for their children of course.  But if you watch people, to make that work, you have to do more than just want.  And she did more.  She lifted us up so high that we had no doubt that the sky was the starting point of how far we could go.
She never did learn to swim; but I remember being out in the lake with her when she instructed us to learn to swim.  That is a funny one.  The woman still can't swim; and no longer has any desire to learn.  I asked her once how she knew what to instruct us to do, when she couldn't do it herself.  She said she just watched what other people were doing.
I've thought often about how she shaped who I am.  My natural tendencies are abstract . . for lack of a better word.  My thoughts and my feelings swirl around like a whirlwind.  She was the one who was my kite string and brought me back down to Earth.  She didn't just tug me back.  She guided me back, taking the time to explain how the bubble I was in my head, was not lined up with reality.  This is an important tool for someone like to me learn.  And I learned it . . after about the millionth talk with her.  My thoughts still swirl, my feelings on occasion; and because of her I have the tools to channel this energy in to something that works in real life.
Tonight I am thankful my Mom :)  She has been, and will always be my biggest supporter, my biggest cheerleader, and my best friend.  I love you Mom !

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