Sunday, May 21, 2017

On the Grill

We haven't been good cooks in this house lately.  The hubster and myself have just not felt in the chef-mood.
So the last couple weeks have had more frozen dinners, more eating out, and a little cooking here and there.  The thing about having four kids is that these times of unhealthy eating resonates in multiples.  I would normally just feel bad if I was eating poorly.  But now adays I feel bad that I am eating poorly, the hubster is eating poorly, and the kids are eating poorly.
Ok, so I can justify that it isn't all bad.  I mean we did Subway once.  Pizza is greasy, but does contain items from all four food groups.  Frozen dinners have come a long way since I was a kid.  It's better than feeding them cereal every night - which the kids and hubster would all be in favor of actually.
Well tonight I went and got groceries for some healthy choices to be in the house this week!  I can't guarantee that all dinners will be freshly prepared and wonderfully healthy because we do have a number of things on the calendar this week.  BUT, we will be better than last week!  And we started tonight.
Tonight I am thankful for a good family meal this evening with meat from the grill and corn on the cob.  YUM!  We'll do better this week!  It won't be the best.  But it will be better, so I am thankful :)

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