Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Permission to Dream

I've always been a dreamer.  It comes natural to me.  It took me years to realize that not everyone thinks that way.
I want my children to be dreamers.  I want them to believe that anything is possible . . because it is.
You can't just tell a child that.  Here's why - not all dreams work out.  Shocking, right?  No, not really.  To keep on dreaming, you have to be able to pick up your dreams when they wipe out.  You set them back up.  You dust them off.  And you try again; this time maybe with a new plan, or a new drive, or a renewed purpose.  That is how you learn to stay a dreamer . . . you learn to handle failure.
Too many people fail and jump ship.  Some don't even fail, they just don't succeed how they intended, and they jump ship.  Success isn't always what you envisioned.  Sometimes success doesn't look like you thought it would, but it is there.
Recently my son had an idea to start a club at school.  He made a plan. He met with the principal.  He arranged a meeting with a teacher who might sponsor the club.  This afternoon they met and they made some plans to get more details around and see some interest among students.  It was interesting watching my son process all that.  This wasn't what he expected.  He hoped to just start the club.  But he's sticking with this.  He's seeing there is a process here; and a timeline greater than he imagined.  Not the success he had first envisioned; but success to this point!  Perseverance and patience are not his strongest qualities yet.  But he's getting some training in them.
Tonight I had a meeting.  When I got home there was a folder on my desk.  My daughter has ideas for a club too!  Inside the folder was her business plan, very detailed I might add.  I reminded her that next year, she won't be in elementary school.  Elementary school is where the clubs are.  So she had some options.  She could pass on the idea to see if younger grades might be interested.  Or she could see what the possibility is of a middle school or multi-club.  Not quite what she had envisioned; but she's working with this new plan.  She's got her folder and she's going to ask some questions tomorrow at school.
Tonight I am thankful for the kids learning that when dreams start moving, they change forms.  Plans get altered to stay alive sometimes; and both kids are rolling with the changes well right now.  I am also very thankful for a school that encourages the kids to dream and be active members of the community!  The kids see this.  And it empowers them!

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