Friday, May 26, 2017

Public Sleeping

"What are your Memorial Weekend plans?"  I've been asked that a few times this week.
The first time I answered a little quietly, "staying home".  "Maybe working on the yard".  Then I put a little thought in to it.  And I changed my answer, "sleeping".  :)
That made me happy . . just the thought of it.  This weekend I am going to sleep!  For three mornings, I will not set an alarm!  :) :)
I think I've been handling the stress of the last couple week very well.  But my body begs to differ.  I have been so tired.  I fell asleep yesterday at the dentist office while the kids were getting their teeth cleaned.  In my defense, they have a very comfy loveseat with lots of pillows in the toy waiting room.  I was sitting in there with the boys while the girls got their teeth cleaned.  When I woke up, I looked at the time.  I had been sleeping for around 12 minutes . . . in public . . . . Public Sleeping!  I asked Sammy if I was snoring.  He said not really.  So, we went over the rule that if mom is ever snoring in public, please wake her up!
So yes, tonight I am thankful that my Memorial Weekend plans do NOT include camping, or big parties, or traveling for hours.  I am thankful that my Memorial Weekend plans include Sleeping!  It sounds heavenly :)  I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, no matter what your plans are!

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