Monday, May 1, 2017

Sad to Good

As was painfully chronicled in this blog two years ago now, (when I was trying very hard to stay positive) our basement had become a lake.  It was very, very sad.  Buckets, wet/dry vacuums, fans, etc.  Nothing was enough.  I remember sitting on the basement steps watching the water spring up from the concrete in the floor.  There was nothing we could do to stop it.
One of the big positive things of this house when we bought it was the finished basement area.  Then, not even three years later, it all had to be ripped out.  It molded so fast that the our house was toxic as we filled dumpster after dumpster.
Many thousands of dollars, a B-dry system, exterior concrete, repaired gutters, gutter guards, a whole house dehumidifier and we still aren't finished.  Hopefully this summer's plans will be the final piece in keeping the basement dry.  In the meantime, I doubt I'll ever feel comfortable finishing the basement again.
One day when I was out shopping I bought some spray paint.  I came home and desperately started coloring the walls by my home gym.  The kids have been waiting to join in the fun.
Well when my daughter made her decision about her class trip; she wasn't planning on just sitting at home while her classmates were gone!  She decided she was going to make an art studio!
She grabbed a respirator mask and the girl got to work!
The area is waiting on a few finishing touches.  We have some lattice sitting down here to attach to the ceiling and a carpet remnant to put down and she will be done!
I love this area now!  She took what was a sad reminder of a once finished area and made it in to a happy place to dream and create.
Tonight I am thankful for my daughter's hard work!  This probably would have been easier with actual paint rather than spray paint.  I think her trigger finger is stronger than Wyatt Earp's now!  But she did it . . . with plenty of fresh air breaks!

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