Wednesday, May 17, 2017


The past many weeks (well honestly months and years) I have stupidly taken it upon myself to prove that the human body needs sleep and rest.  I was all "look how much I can do on little sleep!"  Ok, well it wasn't really like that.  But I chose not to take care of myself to get more work done.
A big goal for 2017 was to start sleeping more.  Here's a problem.  That's not enough.  I have dragged myself down so far that sleep is not enough.
Alright  . . rest . . . can I learn to rest while awake?  I occasionally take relaxing baths.  But, this rest things needs to be a daily effort I believe.
I rested today.  Please, please, hold your applause ;)  As I was resting, I did some reflecting . . . the lack of rest thing is not new for me.  I've known this.  It is not my strong suite.  If I'm up and awake, I want to be doing something.  I see a great disconnect between what my mind wants and what my body needs.
So, I'm going to work on it.  Today was a small step in the right direction.  Tomorrow I'll take another step, and then another, and another.  Look at me . . all scheduling (yesterday's blog) and resting and stuff.  It is sooo not my style.  BUT, I know it is sooo what I need.  So I'm working on it.
Tonight I am thankful for tiny steps in the right direction.  I am tired of being tired.  So I'm changing . . slowly but surely.

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