Wednesday, May 10, 2017


"Jessie, do you bribe your children?" 
Absolutely!  I mean, who wouldn't take advantage of this wonderful influencer by the name of sugar, right?  Ok, I try not to go overboard.  Lately it seems I may have gotten the hubster on board with the less sugar thing (this is seriously a HUGE win!).  So you can imagine his shock to come home tonight and see the sugary treats that I had bought and set on the table.
They are just sitting there . . . being sugary prizes for the next two days.  Everybody get ready for school without fighting?  Great, have a donut!  After a long day at school, come home do chores without fighting and hang out nicely together?  Wonderful, have a cookie!  
With a little plug from the grocery budget, I am working to ensure minimal issues for the next two days.  I could promise other things, maybe extended tv or game time.  And those things work on occasion.  But the classic, the go-to bribe, the one that never lets me down is junk food.
Am I sending an unhealthy message to my children?  Most likely no, because I say to the children - I am bribing you.  I have not led them to believe that life is filled with endless supplies of sugar just for being decent human beings.  Nope, that is not the message at all. This message is pretty clear - be good, get candy because Momma needs things to go smoothly for a couple days.  No fights.  No snarky comments.  And no arguing.  
They can't argue when they are chewing . . simple, but relevant fact!
Tonight I am thankful that a little bribery never hurt!  I am thankful that we have extra toothbrushes and toothpaste in the cupboard!  I should remind the children that they have to go to the dentist this month.  Um . . . and I am thankful for prayers that the next two days go well for everyone!

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