Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Turning Point

At the beginning of this year I made a goal to sleep more.  I was doing good with that . . until several weeks ago.
I knew I had a work-scheduling problem.  Well, I've known that for some time actually.  And I've known the steps I need to take to fix this problem.  But it was a little scary to me.
Starting at the end of last week, I've actually been taking the steps that I need to fix this scheduling problem!  This might sound like a small thing to those reading tonight.  But this is a huge thing!
I can look at my lifelong uncomfortableness of lists and schedules and see why this is such a problem for me.  I don't seem to like anything that puts limits on things.  Lists put limits.  And schedules definitely put limits.  I am now seeing though, that maybe these limits are good.
I'm not limiting myself or my life with a schedule.  I'm limiting my work.  Because God knows that I need help with that!  Seriously, God knows . . . I've been praying about this.  The answer seems so simple.  Practicing the answer is not simple at all. 
Today, I had my scheduled desk time to complete files. Unfortunately, I am still a little behind.  So I did not work on the files that I had scheduled to be working on.  But, just the fact that I scheduled a day to be at my desk working on files was a giant positive!  And I got a lot done!
Tonight I am thankful for enforcing on myself, what I've known needed to be done.  I'm sure I'll fall off the scheduling wagon from time to time.  But, I'm making this a turning point in my professional life.  No more shoving work in to every nook and cranny of my life that I can shove it in to!  That is exhausting and stressful . . . and I've had enough!

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