Wednesday, May 3, 2017


Tonight was high school orientation.  Yep, Freshman.  In the fall, I will have a child in high school.
I'm really not good with this whole "age" thing.  I feel 20.  How could I possibly have a child about to enter high school when I feel just out of the teenage years myself?  It is simply not logical.
Ok, so I will accept my actual age for the sake of argument here.  But then, what about her age?  I mean we were driving to the school tonight and I was remembering taking her to her first day of preschool.  It seems like yesterday.  Kindergarten, just yesterday too, right?  Tonight I walked in to this room filled with all these children and parents.  Oh yes, I remember them . . from the kindergarten Mother's Day Tea, that was just like last year, right?  No?
The longer I live, the more I see that time is more of an illusion than it is as any indicator of life.  Time has a feeling attached to it that does not equal the ticks on a clock.  There is that verse from the Bible (please excuse my horrible quoting talent) about an hour being like a year, or a year being like a minute.  Something like that.  The verse is referencing our time to God's time.  But I think even our time is screwy.  Time is a number, it is a unit of measure.  It is nothing definitive in life.  If anything, it is a liar.  Years seem like minutes sometimes and sometimes minutes seem like years.  Rarely do minutes seem like minutes or years seem like years.
No, I haven't been drinking.  This is what my mind does when I let it wander.
*wistful sigh*
Tonight I am thankful for past (almost) 14 years of being a parent on this Earth.  Being a mom has been the most rewarding, most introspective, most faith-building, most life-affirming, optimistic thing that I have ever, or could ever do on this planet.  Whatever else I accomplish in this life, nothing will ever compare to being a mom to these four wonderful people; watching them grow, guiding them, and rejoicing with them as they learn and become all that God has planned to bless them with in life.
P.S.  Catch me in 4 years, I'll be crying like a baby for graduation; most assuredly standing proud, and flooding the place with momma tears.

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