Monday, June 5, 2017

99 Meets 91

Imagine this - you are 91 years old.  You actually just had a birthday, 2 days ago and turned 91!
As you look back over the years, you have a lot to be grateful for!  You were married to a wonderful man for over 50 years.  You have 5 wonderful children, 12 grandchildren, and 8 great-grandchildren.  You are very blessed!
Of course, your 91 years had some rough times.  Every life has some tough times.  To hear your story, well your rough times got pretty rough.  Yet somehow thru faith and perspective, you've always smiled.  You've always seen the blessings thru the dark days.  And you've always remembered that someone else would love to have the things you would be inclined to take for granted.  For that, you try to never take things for granted!
You somehow just don't feel 91.  You sing and dance.  You play with toys in the toy aisle of the store.  You hold the door open for "little old ladies" who are 30 years your junior.  Age is a number that will never define you; so you just live your life, enjoying your blessings.
Now here you are, 2 days after your 91st birthday.  You live with your daughter and her husband.  They take good care of you.  It took some adjusting when you moved in.  But you feel at home and loved!  Today your son-in-law is having some of his extended family over for a visit.  His aunt is coming from over an hour away.
When she arrives, she sits down in a chair by you.  Your daughter tells her that you just had your 91st birthday.  And she says, "Well you're just a kid!".  The aunt is 99.  She'll be 100 in September. :)  You enjoy chatting with her!
Everyone in the room sees a few things in common here.  You both have a sense of humor!  You both are faithfully grateful for the good things in life!  And you both have a mutual appreciation and love for your families!
I'm no rocket scientist, but I see a trend here!
Tonight I am thankful for my Grandma, the kid :)  And I am thankful for Mark's Aunt Kate, also a bit of a kid herself :)  And tonight I am thankful to be blessed to see the important things in life, lived out right in front of me in my life.  These ladies are excellent examples on how to live life . . and I'm taking notes!

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