Tuesday, June 13, 2017

A Duck Story

Once upon a time there was a boy who wanted a pet duck.
The little boy went to his Mommy and asked her if he could get a pet duck.  The mom didn't know much about ducks.  She told the boy that he would have to research ducks to see which kind would be best for them.
The boy did as he was asked.  He read duck catalogs.  He searched online.  He decided that Khaki Campbells would be the best duck for him.  They lay lots of eggs.  They are friendly.  And they do well in the cold winters.
Unfortunately for the little boy, this particular year was a bad year for birds.  Bird sales were limited.  Poultry Swaps and Auctions were cancelled.  There was a bird disease that was sweeping thru and ruined the chances to getting the boys ducks.  The boy's mom found some Khaki Campbells for sale in another state; but it was a ridiculous amount to pay for shipping.
So the boy waited.
The next summer the family got some little Pekin Ducks.  These ducks were added to the family the same time turkeys were added.  Something wasn't well for the ducks and two of them died.  The third went to live with a family that had other ducks.  And that duck was very happy in his new home.
So the boy waited.
The next summer, no new birds were added to the family's little farm.
So the boy waited.
Finally, this summer, the boy went with his family to pick out new chicks at the farm store.  He was so excited to see that the farm store had a whole bin of Khaki Campbell ducks!!  The boy got closer and saw that all the ducks had already been bought.
The boy talked to his parents when they got home.  The parents called the farm store.  The store said they were getting to the end of the season.  They could order some more ducks, but they would need to be paid for in advance.  The dad took the boy to the store and they paid for the new ducklings.
Then the boy waited.
A week went by, and no call from the farm store.  The mom called the store.  They said it would probably be sometimes in the next week.  Today the call finally came in!  And on her way home from working, the mom stopped and picked up the ducklings.  She brought them home in a box and told the boy to open the box.  The ducklings were very quiet.  So quiet that the boy had no idea that they were in the box (although the mom thinks the boy suspected).  He opened the box, and there they were!!
Tonight I am thankful for our new ducks!  More than that, I am thankful for my boy's patience and persistence to wait for his ducks.  These may end up being the most loved ducks this state has ever seen!

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