Friday, June 9, 2017

Bad Decisions

I read an article the other day that has been bothering me.
Here we are, the last day of school . . the day that I've been waiting for . . . and the kiddos and I had a very serious talk.
The article I read was about a boy who lived close to me.  He made a bad decision.  He had some new friends who did some bad things.  And he did some bad things too.  And he felt that this was so bad that he had to end his life.  The article had some other things involved.  There is concern about how adults handled things who saw he was upset.  I couldn't even imagine what his parents are going thru. And I pray I never have to find out.
So I sat the kiddos down and we had a talk.  I told them about this boy.  And I told them that they need to ALWAYS remember that there is nothing that they could ever do that we couldn't face together.  I reminded them that everyone makes bad decisions sometimes.  Some bad decisions are bigger than other bad decisions.  But the most important thing is how you handle the situation.  You apologize and you work to make it right.  No matter what it is.  And their dad and myself will always be here to help with that.
One kiddo thought she was being silly and said, "What if we accidentally kill someone?"  She thought she was joking, but that's real.  I said, Ok, that happens.  Sometimes people accidentally kill other people.  And if that happened, we would face it together.  My mom once had a client whose 16 year old son was driving in to the sun one morning, reached for his sun glasses, and hit two women riding bikes.  One woman died and he was charged with manslaughter.  It was an accident.  A terrible, terrible accident.  And if something like that ever happened, we would apologize and do whatever was the right thing to do.
Tonight I am thankful for the chance to hug my babies today.  I am thankful for the chance to talk to them and to try to cement in their brains that they are never alone, that we will always love them; and that we will always try to help them do what is right.

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