Sunday, June 4, 2017

Determined Children

I'll always remember the first summer that my parents made a list.  It hung on the refrigerator.  It was of varying jobs around yard that they wanted done and what they would pay for the job.
Now I know some people would say that my brother and I should have just done the jobs.  We did have chores that we did because we in the house and had to be responsible.  These jobs on the list were bigger tasks.  And it sent a good message of working hard and making money.
Since I was younger, and a girl, there were jobs on that list that were meant for my brother.  Well, I wanted the money.  So while we were home during spring break, I picked one of the harder jobs that had a higher dollar amount.  I don't remember what I was saving for at the time.  I don't think it was even about the money so much as that they assumed my brother would do it.  I was never told I couldn't.  I just remember seeing the surprised look on their faces when they came home after work that day and saw what I was doing.  Well, the look was surprised and proud ;)
I finished the job.  And I earned the money.  And I was pretty proud myself!
Tonight the hubster and I talked to our kids about our own list that we would have available for kids who wanted to earn some extra cash this summer.  The first thing on the list is moving some heavy rocks.  A lot of heavy rocks.  It just so happens that my youngest just found some fancy, shmancy Pokemon set in this big huge box thing for $50.  He just saw it yesterday in the store and had a tear running down his face when I said he'd have to save up for it.  He just knew he couldn't save up enough money to go buy that thing before someone else did.
Guess where my youngest was tonight?  Out in the yard moving rocks.  And he'll keep moving rocks tomorrow and the rest of this week too!
Tonight I am thankful for determined children.  When used correctly, this trait will take them far!  I am thankful for a chance to teach the kiddos to work hard for what they want! 

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