Saturday, June 3, 2017


So, let me get real with you for a minute or two.
I am the heaviest right now that I've ever been (not including pregnancies).  I am not proud of this.
I have tried eating healthier, and nothing changes.
I have increased my exercise, and nothing changes.
Do you want to know why?
Because I know why.
Despite a good effort at the beginning of this year to sleep more every night; I'm still not sleeping enough.
Yes, my thyroid is a little off.  And a few other things are a little off.  But guess what plays in to thyroid and other things . . sleep.
So, on a good note, I'm not sleeping 4 hours a night anymore.  I am up to an average of 6.  Guess what?  6 hours is not enough for me.  Especially after years of not sleeping enough.  I need to do like a month of 10 hours probably to make my body happy.  Yeah, I don't see that happening either . . .
So I'm shooting for 8.  Maybe I can do 8.  I actually had a thought today . . I need to shoot for 9 hours.  Then I can get closer to hitting 8; at least 7 then maybe?
A friend recently lost 30 pounds and wrote about using her Fitbit to see the calories she was burning versus what she was eating.  I'm not really knowledgeable about Fitbits.  All I see is people posting how many steps they've taken.  That's not really impressive to me (sorry guys!).  But after reading her post, I wondered what else a Fitbit could do.  So I looked it up.  Did you know it can also track sleep?
I hopped on amazon and looked up Fitbits.  Did you know they are over $100?!  Um . . well, I'm cheap . . . . er frugal.  So I went looking for a knock-off.  I found one on amazon called MoreFit.  The reviews were good and the price was much better.
It came today!  I wore it as I walked around this evening.  And I'm going to wear it tonight.  I don't plan on wearing it every night.  But I'm interested to see how I sleep.  I wonder if my sleep is not as good as it could be?  I mean I know the hours of sleep have definitely been an issue for years and years.  But maybe there is more to that?  Maybe there's not?  It'll be fun to find out!!
And if I can get disciplined enough to sleep enough, this MoreFit will at least help me with the eating healthy and moving enough.  I usually do fairly well.  But there are days that I don't.  And this nifty little thing has a reminder on it.  So if I forget to be moving, it will remind me to be moving!
Tonight I am thankful for this new little wrist thing.  I don't know how long I'll stick with it (because I've never been one for wearing things on my wrist); but it'll be educational while I do it!

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