Saturday, June 17, 2017

In Writing

I will put in writing that the hubster is nervous of me signing on to do a 5k in the fall.  I had previously signed the kids and I up for a 5k in the fall.  And he was ok with that one because I wasn't going to try to run the majority of that race with the kids.
Now, with this other 5k with my cheerleading group, I'd like to be able to run as much as I can.  I will admit that my knee is not 100% and I don't know if it ever will be.  But I also know that the last few months, I have been focused on making it thru life and not taking care of myself.  So I have not been exercising my knee like I should be to keep it strong.
If I end up injuring myself on this 5k.  I will admit that the hubster was right and maybe I should sometimes admit that I am not unstoppable.  But, there's no need to admit that right now.  So I've got a goal!  Honestly, I don't know about running the whole thing.  I am taken back to my goal for my last birthday to run a mile, on the one year anniversary of injuring myself.  I worked quite a bit towards that goal.  And I hit it!  And I hadn't been in that much pain or limped that bad in many months prior to that day.  But, I hit the goal! :)
So we'll see.  I don't want to injure myself again . . . or injure myself further.  But I really don't think I should I try for anything less that what I might be capable of either.  And how will I know what I am capable of unless I get out there and try?  :)
Tonight I am thankful for some kiddos coming to the track with me today.  We did some laps and I ran some bleachers.  And I have a LOOOONNNGG way to go!!  So here I go!

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