Thursday, June 1, 2017


I have been hearing a lot about being intentional.  This is being talked about in the coaching, the videos, the discussions that I have been involved in to learn more about how to be better.
And I can tell you, it is spot on.  It is probably impossible to improve anything, myself, a system, a plan, my family, my health, anything; without being intentional about it.
The last two weeks I have had a hard time with this.  Guess what?  It is hard to be intentional (like the good kind of intentional with though and purpose) when you are emotional.  And I use "emotional" very broadly.  Anxiety, depression, worry . . all these just bury intentions.
It makes me believe that i am on the verge of something great.  Have you ever felt that way?  Like the devil is trying hard to throw me off my path . . . why is he trying so hard?  What's around this next bend?  It's gotta be something amazing, or he wouldn't care!
So here I am.  Two weeks later and I've got a mess around me.  I'm not beating myself up at all.  This was a mess.  And it is done.  And while I was working on that mess, I let the rest of life become a mess.
As I have logged in this blog for the past many years, I work too much.  Working too much before was intentional.  We had an awesome goal and we nailed it!  Now, I am working on NOT working too much.  And I have to be intentional about it.  Because my intentionally working too much was for so many years, it is now a habit.  Working 80+ hours a week is my norm, my trained reaction, and my comfort zone.  But I don't want it.  And this is the year for that to change.
I had made some good strides towards that so far.  And these past two weeks, I've just lost them.  I didn't stick to any of the procedures that I've put in place.  I was just on autopilot.
I hadn't listened or read any of my Entreleadership stuff for the past two weeks because I was so stressed.  And I really didn't want to try and handle any new ideas.  But today while I was driving around, I tuned in.  And they were talking about being intentional.  Yep . . . I needed to hear that.
Earlier this week I written about the decision to help myself a little again by sleeping enough, eating right, exercising, etc.  And now I'm taking it a step further.  It is time to be intentional again in every area.  Because I really can't be intentional about much else when I am working so much.
Tonight I am thankful for being intentional.  It is a decision.  A well thought, and well felt decision put in to action.  I'm getting back on my path ;)

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