Monday, June 12, 2017

Ketchup and Stress

I've told the kids, this is my catch up week.  I've been behind on things for weeks and weeks and weeks.
I've had great plans to get caught up, that I just couldn't follow thru with.  In the meantime, kid stuff was done, school stuff was done, everyone ate food, and wore clothes.  So yeah, the important stuff was good.  And now I get to work to regain my sanity.
Of course my goofball daughter came and put a bottle of ketchup on my desk.  She said there was my ketchup and now I could go play :)
I appreciate her sentiment.  I'll get to play soon!
Tonight I am thankful for a week to catch up.  I am thankful for humor.  And I am thankful for this Stress Away oil blend right here . . . it is definitely noticeable!

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