Monday, June 19, 2017


One of the goals for 2017 was to move Momma's Silver Lining to it's own site.
This weekend I decided to take the plunge and see what kind of mischief I could get myself in to with websiting, websitting, website-ing.  I don't think any of those are actual words.  But away I went!
Ok, so the new website is probably a bit basic (for now).  Give me a little time to learn a little more and I'll add a few more things.  This is all leading somewhere!  I've got some ideas for Momma's Silver Lining!  Don't worry the blog isn't going anywhere!  This nightly writing has become a big part of me that I'm not at all ready to give up.
So for those that follow me on google, please bookmark the new site!  Tomorrow night's blog will be off of google and on to Momma's own page!
For those that follow thru my facebook links, no worries, I'll still be sharing on facebook!
Here is the new site:
Please feel free to send me any feedback you may have!
Tonight I am thankful for this opportunity to move Momma's Silver Lining and open up more possibilities of things to be thankful for!

Again, here's the new site :)

1 comment:

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