Wednesday, June 7, 2017


We are Sooooo close to the end of school!!  I seriously cannot wait!!!
Tomorrow is a F - Day.  What?!  "Field"  Geesh people!  My middle schoolers have Field Day and my elementary schoolers have Field Trips!
Today was awards day in the middle school.  I am very proud of my kiddos!  Not because they got a piece of paper - although that is cool, don't get me wrong!  But I am proud that they both survived a year of middle school!  My sixth grader has done very well with the added freedom and responsibility!  My eighth grader has done amazingly well with middle school drama and struggles!
Of course I am proud of my elementary kiddos too!  My fifth grader has plowed thru this last year of elementary with flying colors amidst all the growing pains of fifth grade!  And my third grader has crawled, climbed, and just kept pushing thru this year to see it to the end.
Yes tonight (and always) I am thankful to be a proud momma to four amazing kiddos!!

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