Sunday, June 18, 2017

The Secret

I've had this blog rolling around my head for a few days now.  So on this wonderful Father's Day, my blog is being written a bit earlier in the day than usual!
I've had the privilege of knowing a few different fathers in my life.  The styles are all different.  But I think I have pinpointed the secret of what makes an awesome father!!  Here it is . . . drum roll please . . . He Tries.  That's it.  Just that one decision made over and over and over again, numerous times a day, day after day, week after week, month after month, and year after year.  He keeps trying to be there for his kids because he loves them.  And that makes a great father!
I didn't quite realize when the hubster and I started out, but I definitely have some hard limits on acceptable behavior for the father of my children.  I was raised by two different men in my life, and it left quite an impression on me for what is and is not ok with children.  Seriously, I hadn't thought much of it and didn't even realize that this was a part of me until I had kids.  Of course my husband also had his upbringing and his ideas of what a dad should do.  Ah!  Talk about a collision course!
We have butted heads many times over the rearing of our children!  But the awesome thing, and the thing that I've come to appreciate so much over the years - is that he keeps trying.  We both love the kids.  We both want them to grow in to the best people that they can be.  And although we get frustrated with each other and with the kids, we keep trying.
There are dads that don't.  There are dads that give up.  There are dads that go away.  There are dads that put themselves first and their children last.  There are dads that don't even care that they are dads.  There are dads that look thru such a hazy, self-absorbed life lens, that they can't even see who their kids really are and what they need.
I am thankful every day that the father to my children tries.  His favorite dinner dish of cereal, means that he feeds the children.  His irrational insistence that their socks match (and my socks, although I truly don't care) means that he wants them dressed well and paying attention to detail.  His chocolate milk that he makes for the children with half the glass being chocolate and the other half being milk, means that he loves them and wants to spoil them with yummy things.  His sharing of inappropriate childhood rhymes means that wants to laugh with them and have fun with them.  He tries, because he loves them.
Today I am thankful that for the past almost 14 years of parenthood, I have had this man by my side.  We've had many "Can I see you in the other room?" moments.  We've had many eye rolling moments - at each other equally.  We've had some tears.  We've had many hugs, many kisses, many, many laughs, many talks, and a whole lot of love!

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