Sunday, June 11, 2017


Weird is good.  I think I usually fall outside of "normal".  And I am not only comfortable, but very happy being weird.  Seriously, like this is a life long thing.
So when I first started reading Dave Ramsey books, 2 1/2 years ago now, I was a little drawn to the talk about not being "normal" with debt; and to instead be weird.  It was like my ears tuned in just a little more . . weird . . . that's right up my alley!
I've given updates in this blog with our walk thru Step 1 and Step 2.  Lately we've been moving on Step 3.  I'll admit, we're moving a little slowly on it.  I may need to re-adjust the end goal date for all the steps. Life has a way of changing plans.  Things came up that were more important than money, and those things got attention.
There have been weeks where we've gotten off budget.  But, we've gotten right back on.  That is life too, you take a step back sometimes.  But then you step forward again!
There are some things about this plan that are completely awesome, which are simply a part of our lives now.  We don't stress about bills like we used to.  And a big part that I have loved has been our sinking funds.  We established those while working thru Step 2.  The $1000 emergency fund was not enough for me to sleep well at night.  There are a lot of emergencies in life that cost more than that.  If we were closing down credit cards and putting all our extra money to pay things off . . . . what would happen in an emergency?  So yeah, we did the sinking funds early in the Step 2 phase.
One of our funds is reserved for household items.  While conceptually, this fund would be for like new towels or rugs, etc; we decided the household needed something a little more fun tonight.
The hubster has been wanting to get a basketball hoop for awhile.  At first he wanted one on a pole.  Then he thought one to attach to the barn.  We had a project one that we couldn't save.  And tonight was finally the night to purchase one.  We even had a mPerk to save money on a basketball hoop purchase!  (Because I'll always love saving money!)  This summer, my kiddos will have fun shooting some hoops!
If you would have asked me 5 years ago what I thought about budgets, I wouldn't have had a lot to say.  I knew back then that we should have one; but we didn't.  Overall to me, a budget sounded like a limiting kind of thing.  And with my business, it just sounded difficult.  Fast forward to today and I can testify that a budget is actually freeing.  When you have a plan and tell your money where to go; you no longer look down at the checkbook and wonder where it went.  If we had wanted a basketball hoop 5 years ago, we would have went out and charged one on the credit card.  And then paid for it for the next many months, maybe even year.  Tonight, we had the cash sitting there and paid cash for it.
Weird?  Yes, we may be a little.  We do things differently now.  And we are teaching the kids to do differently.  I still pray regularly that they remember this journey.  I pray that they never become in debt.  I pray that they are always living in Financial Peace!
*By The Way - around Christmas I was giving away copies of Financial Peace.  I have decided to always keep some on hand.  So if anyone every wants a copy, just let me know!  This stuff is life changing!
Tonight I am thankful for this weird way of doing things!  I am thankful for budgets and having a plan for our finances . . even that includes having fun!  We don't budget for every dollar to go towards the bills.  That would be no fun!  And we haven't lost sight of our goal.  We are going all the way thru to Step 7!  P.S. for those who aren't familiar with Dave Ramsey's Baby Steps; Step 7 is when everything is paid off, even the house, money is invested for the future, and you just Build Wealth and Give!

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