Monday, June 19, 2017


One of the goals for 2017 was to move Momma's Silver Lining to it's own site.
This weekend I decided to take the plunge and see what kind of mischief I could get myself in to with websiting, websitting, website-ing.  I don't think any of those are actual words.  But away I went!
Ok, so the new website is probably a bit basic (for now).  Give me a little time to learn a little more and I'll add a few more things.  This is all leading somewhere!  I've got some ideas for Momma's Silver Lining!  Don't worry the blog isn't going anywhere!  This nightly writing has become a big part of me that I'm not at all ready to give up.
So for those that follow me on google, please bookmark the new site!  Tomorrow night's blog will be off of google and on to Momma's own page!
For those that follow thru my facebook links, no worries, I'll still be sharing on facebook!
Here is the new site:
Please feel free to send me any feedback you may have!
Tonight I am thankful for this opportunity to move Momma's Silver Lining and open up more possibilities of things to be thankful for!

Again, here's the new site :)

Sunday, June 18, 2017

The Secret

I've had this blog rolling around my head for a few days now.  So on this wonderful Father's Day, my blog is being written a bit earlier in the day than usual!
I've had the privilege of knowing a few different fathers in my life.  The styles are all different.  But I think I have pinpointed the secret of what makes an awesome father!!  Here it is . . . drum roll please . . . He Tries.  That's it.  Just that one decision made over and over and over again, numerous times a day, day after day, week after week, month after month, and year after year.  He keeps trying to be there for his kids because he loves them.  And that makes a great father!
I didn't quite realize when the hubster and I started out, but I definitely have some hard limits on acceptable behavior for the father of my children.  I was raised by two different men in my life, and it left quite an impression on me for what is and is not ok with children.  Seriously, I hadn't thought much of it and didn't even realize that this was a part of me until I had kids.  Of course my husband also had his upbringing and his ideas of what a dad should do.  Ah!  Talk about a collision course!
We have butted heads many times over the rearing of our children!  But the awesome thing, and the thing that I've come to appreciate so much over the years - is that he keeps trying.  We both love the kids.  We both want them to grow in to the best people that they can be.  And although we get frustrated with each other and with the kids, we keep trying.
There are dads that don't.  There are dads that give up.  There are dads that go away.  There are dads that put themselves first and their children last.  There are dads that don't even care that they are dads.  There are dads that look thru such a hazy, self-absorbed life lens, that they can't even see who their kids really are and what they need.
I am thankful every day that the father to my children tries.  His favorite dinner dish of cereal, means that he feeds the children.  His irrational insistence that their socks match (and my socks, although I truly don't care) means that he wants them dressed well and paying attention to detail.  His chocolate milk that he makes for the children with half the glass being chocolate and the other half being milk, means that he loves them and wants to spoil them with yummy things.  His sharing of inappropriate childhood rhymes means that wants to laugh with them and have fun with them.  He tries, because he loves them.
Today I am thankful that for the past almost 14 years of parenthood, I have had this man by my side.  We've had many "Can I see you in the other room?" moments.  We've had many eye rolling moments - at each other equally.  We've had some tears.  We've had many hugs, many kisses, many, many laughs, many talks, and a whole lot of love!

Saturday, June 17, 2017

In Writing

I will put in writing that the hubster is nervous of me signing on to do a 5k in the fall.  I had previously signed the kids and I up for a 5k in the fall.  And he was ok with that one because I wasn't going to try to run the majority of that race with the kids.
Now, with this other 5k with my cheerleading group, I'd like to be able to run as much as I can.  I will admit that my knee is not 100% and I don't know if it ever will be.  But I also know that the last few months, I have been focused on making it thru life and not taking care of myself.  So I have not been exercising my knee like I should be to keep it strong.
If I end up injuring myself on this 5k.  I will admit that the hubster was right and maybe I should sometimes admit that I am not unstoppable.  But, there's no need to admit that right now.  So I've got a goal!  Honestly, I don't know about running the whole thing.  I am taken back to my goal for my last birthday to run a mile, on the one year anniversary of injuring myself.  I worked quite a bit towards that goal.  And I hit it!  And I hadn't been in that much pain or limped that bad in many months prior to that day.  But, I hit the goal! :)
So we'll see.  I don't want to injure myself again . . . or injure myself further.  But I really don't think I should I try for anything less that what I might be capable of either.  And how will I know what I am capable of unless I get out there and try?  :)
Tonight I am thankful for some kiddos coming to the track with me today.  We did some laps and I ran some bleachers.  And I have a LOOOONNNGG way to go!!  So here I go!

Friday, June 16, 2017


My kiddos were slacking on their egg hunting duties.  A week or so ago, I went out and cleared out the favorite egg laying places.  I guess I made the chicky-ladies a little upset that I stole their collection.
They are good if the eggs are taken every day, or maybe every other day.  But when they have a bunch all together . . well, they get a little touchy, seeing all their hard work disappear.
Since I cleaned out their favorite spots, I've only gotten a few eggs.  I've been looking slowly for their new spot.  I suspected that they were laying their eggs by the pine trees.  Today, my daughter stumbled on their stash!
In the irony of ironies, my feminine feathered friends were laying their eggs just about a foot outside my office window!!!  I've seen them up here a lot.  But I thought they were coming up just to visit with the kittens.  They do seem to like the kittens.  Maybe they had a deal worked out for the kittens to act cute and cuddly while distracting the humans from the eggs??  I'll never know.  I do know they are BUSTED!
I had the boys try the eggs in the water trick.  And all the eggs are still good!  I'll be boiling some eggs up tonight!
Tonight I am thankful for finding the new egg spot!  These chicky-ladies like to keep us guessing!  I think they laugh when no one is looking ;)

Thursday, June 15, 2017


Some of these blogs were easier when the kids were younger.  Now, with the kids being a bit older, I try to be more conscious of what I write about them.  I don't want to embarrass anyone.
Today something happened where one of my more independent children needed me.  I've gotta tell you.  I honestly didn't expect the situation.  The child had been in the same situation before, so nothing was new.  But I was needed to comfort my child.
My sweet kiddo who is growing up need only to ask and I was there.  I don't like that my child was nervous  and a little scared.  I don't like that at all.  But I like that I can still give comfort.  I mean, hey, I'm 36 and I still call my mom when I'm upset.  So it's not like I thought my giving comfort position was over by any means!  Today, I just wasn't expecting it and it turned my heart to mush.
Tonight I am thankful that my kiddos know that I am always there for them!  They will always know that I will always be there for them!  There is no question.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017


Today was my six month appointment after my Lasik eye surgery.
I am seeing wonderfully!  I am still having halos around lights at night.  This was a problem I had with my contacts as well.  My pupils are larger than average, which causes this.  So I think this is as good as it gets.
Hey, I'll take it!!!  I just keep looking at my GPS light or my cell phone light when I drive at night to keep my pupils from getting too big in the dark.  It works fairly well and has been my go-to might vision method for a long time.
I really thought I'd get in trouble today for not sleeping enough (I'm still working on it!).  Fortunately the eye doctor was looking at my eye itself and how the tissue has healed, and all that good stuff.
So six months later, I thought I should write my feelings for all who have contacted me and wanted to know if this surgery was worth it.  Here it is - ABSOLUTELY!!  I wish I would have done it years ago!  Fear held me up.
I know the cost can be a factor also.  The money was a bummer to spend.  For me, it was a celebration though.  My big, fun thing to do after completing the Dave Ramsey Step 2 was to get this surgery.  Some people celebrate with a party or a cruise.  Not me, I had lasers cut my eyeballs!!  ;)
Tonight I am thankful for 6 months of sight without contacts or glasses!!!  It's been wonderful!  I don't regret it at all!

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

A Duck Story

Once upon a time there was a boy who wanted a pet duck.
The little boy went to his Mommy and asked her if he could get a pet duck.  The mom didn't know much about ducks.  She told the boy that he would have to research ducks to see which kind would be best for them.
The boy did as he was asked.  He read duck catalogs.  He searched online.  He decided that Khaki Campbells would be the best duck for him.  They lay lots of eggs.  They are friendly.  And they do well in the cold winters.
Unfortunately for the little boy, this particular year was a bad year for birds.  Bird sales were limited.  Poultry Swaps and Auctions were cancelled.  There was a bird disease that was sweeping thru and ruined the chances to getting the boys ducks.  The boy's mom found some Khaki Campbells for sale in another state; but it was a ridiculous amount to pay for shipping.
So the boy waited.
The next summer the family got some little Pekin Ducks.  These ducks were added to the family the same time turkeys were added.  Something wasn't well for the ducks and two of them died.  The third went to live with a family that had other ducks.  And that duck was very happy in his new home.
So the boy waited.
The next summer, no new birds were added to the family's little farm.
So the boy waited.
Finally, this summer, the boy went with his family to pick out new chicks at the farm store.  He was so excited to see that the farm store had a whole bin of Khaki Campbell ducks!!  The boy got closer and saw that all the ducks had already been bought.
The boy talked to his parents when they got home.  The parents called the farm store.  The store said they were getting to the end of the season.  They could order some more ducks, but they would need to be paid for in advance.  The dad took the boy to the store and they paid for the new ducklings.
Then the boy waited.
A week went by, and no call from the farm store.  The mom called the store.  They said it would probably be sometimes in the next week.  Today the call finally came in!  And on her way home from working, the mom stopped and picked up the ducklings.  She brought them home in a box and told the boy to open the box.  The ducklings were very quiet.  So quiet that the boy had no idea that they were in the box (although the mom thinks the boy suspected).  He opened the box, and there they were!!
Tonight I am thankful for our new ducks!  More than that, I am thankful for my boy's patience and persistence to wait for his ducks.  These may end up being the most loved ducks this state has ever seen!

Monday, June 12, 2017

Ketchup and Stress

I've told the kids, this is my catch up week.  I've been behind on things for weeks and weeks and weeks.
I've had great plans to get caught up, that I just couldn't follow thru with.  In the meantime, kid stuff was done, school stuff was done, everyone ate food, and wore clothes.  So yeah, the important stuff was good.  And now I get to work to regain my sanity.
Of course my goofball daughter came and put a bottle of ketchup on my desk.  She said there was my ketchup and now I could go play :)
I appreciate her sentiment.  I'll get to play soon!
Tonight I am thankful for a week to catch up.  I am thankful for humor.  And I am thankful for this Stress Away oil blend right here . . . it is definitely noticeable!

Sunday, June 11, 2017


Weird is good.  I think I usually fall outside of "normal".  And I am not only comfortable, but very happy being weird.  Seriously, like this is a life long thing.
So when I first started reading Dave Ramsey books, 2 1/2 years ago now, I was a little drawn to the talk about not being "normal" with debt; and to instead be weird.  It was like my ears tuned in just a little more . . weird . . . that's right up my alley!
I've given updates in this blog with our walk thru Step 1 and Step 2.  Lately we've been moving on Step 3.  I'll admit, we're moving a little slowly on it.  I may need to re-adjust the end goal date for all the steps. Life has a way of changing plans.  Things came up that were more important than money, and those things got attention.
There have been weeks where we've gotten off budget.  But, we've gotten right back on.  That is life too, you take a step back sometimes.  But then you step forward again!
There are some things about this plan that are completely awesome, which are simply a part of our lives now.  We don't stress about bills like we used to.  And a big part that I have loved has been our sinking funds.  We established those while working thru Step 2.  The $1000 emergency fund was not enough for me to sleep well at night.  There are a lot of emergencies in life that cost more than that.  If we were closing down credit cards and putting all our extra money to pay things off . . . . what would happen in an emergency?  So yeah, we did the sinking funds early in the Step 2 phase.
One of our funds is reserved for household items.  While conceptually, this fund would be for like new towels or rugs, etc; we decided the household needed something a little more fun tonight.
The hubster has been wanting to get a basketball hoop for awhile.  At first he wanted one on a pole.  Then he thought one to attach to the barn.  We had a project one that we couldn't save.  And tonight was finally the night to purchase one.  We even had a mPerk to save money on a basketball hoop purchase!  (Because I'll always love saving money!)  This summer, my kiddos will have fun shooting some hoops!
If you would have asked me 5 years ago what I thought about budgets, I wouldn't have had a lot to say.  I knew back then that we should have one; but we didn't.  Overall to me, a budget sounded like a limiting kind of thing.  And with my business, it just sounded difficult.  Fast forward to today and I can testify that a budget is actually freeing.  When you have a plan and tell your money where to go; you no longer look down at the checkbook and wonder where it went.  If we had wanted a basketball hoop 5 years ago, we would have went out and charged one on the credit card.  And then paid for it for the next many months, maybe even year.  Tonight, we had the cash sitting there and paid cash for it.
Weird?  Yes, we may be a little.  We do things differently now.  And we are teaching the kids to do differently.  I still pray regularly that they remember this journey.  I pray that they never become in debt.  I pray that they are always living in Financial Peace!
*By The Way - around Christmas I was giving away copies of Financial Peace.  I have decided to always keep some on hand.  So if anyone every wants a copy, just let me know!  This stuff is life changing!
Tonight I am thankful for this weird way of doing things!  I am thankful for budgets and having a plan for our finances . . even that includes having fun!  We don't budget for every dollar to go towards the bills.  That would be no fun!  And we haven't lost sight of our goal.  We are going all the way thru to Step 7!  P.S. for those who aren't familiar with Dave Ramsey's Baby Steps; Step 7 is when everything is paid off, even the house, money is invested for the future, and you just Build Wealth and Give!

Saturday, June 10, 2017

It Just Got Real . . . . (Yikes!)

At our last cheer meeting, my wonderful coaches suggested a challenge for the kids to do over the summer.  This would help them be in shape in the fall and improve their skills.  I was game for that.  Then we were talking and added in a goal of running a 5k together (parents invited too!).
Do you know what this means?  I seriously need to get my act together!
For the past several weeks, I have made great weekend resolves for the upcoming weekdays.  Then the week hits and my resolves go out the window.  Yes, for me that all comes back to scheduling.  I do not leave enough time in one day to do four days worth of work and sleep.  I know this.  I'm working on it.  This is going to be one of those hard-to-learn-lessons.  But, I WILL GET IT!  It's just gonna take me longer than I originally thought!
This morning was the time for the challenge.  I was wondering who would come, with it being the morning after the last day of school.  We had a pretty good turn out.  Better than I had anticipated.  We went over stuff.  We played some music.  We sweated in the sun.  We had ice cream.  And we ended early, feeling a little like rotisserie chickens in the heat!
And now . . it's real.  The challenges are passed out.  The 5k plans, date, and information, is in writing and out there.
I'll admit, that I haven't ran . . like really ran, since my birthday.  Last September I had a goal to run one mile.  It had been one year since I had tore my PCL - yes I had done it on my birthday in 2015.  I once also got rear-ended in a drive-thru line by my insurance agent on my birthday.  I should just stay home on my birthdays and eat ice cream all day!  Um . . sorry, I got side tracked.  Anyway, I worked hard.  I built my knee back up.  I hit my goal!  I ran one entire mile.  Then I limped horribly for the rest of the day.  I was so proud of myself and so done with the pain of pushing a less than 100% joint, that I haven't been on the treadmill since.  I have ran a little in the yard and things like that.  But nothing major.  Well, it's time for that to change!!
Tonight I am thankful for challenging the girls this year and myself!  It's time I took on a new challenge . . I'll tell you that my motivation is not here yet . . but my body sure needs this!  So where motivation is lacking, determination takes over!
Oh yeah, and we added an extra bonus that if I can do the splits by the end of the season, the girls will have to do something.  I don't know what yet.  But I know they have good odds.  I have never been able to do the splits in my 30-something years.  I guess there's a first time for everything though . . .

Friday, June 9, 2017

Bad Decisions

I read an article the other day that has been bothering me.
Here we are, the last day of school . . the day that I've been waiting for . . . and the kiddos and I had a very serious talk.
The article I read was about a boy who lived close to me.  He made a bad decision.  He had some new friends who did some bad things.  And he did some bad things too.  And he felt that this was so bad that he had to end his life.  The article had some other things involved.  There is concern about how adults handled things who saw he was upset.  I couldn't even imagine what his parents are going thru. And I pray I never have to find out.
So I sat the kiddos down and we had a talk.  I told them about this boy.  And I told them that they need to ALWAYS remember that there is nothing that they could ever do that we couldn't face together.  I reminded them that everyone makes bad decisions sometimes.  Some bad decisions are bigger than other bad decisions.  But the most important thing is how you handle the situation.  You apologize and you work to make it right.  No matter what it is.  And their dad and myself will always be here to help with that.
One kiddo thought she was being silly and said, "What if we accidentally kill someone?"  She thought she was joking, but that's real.  I said, Ok, that happens.  Sometimes people accidentally kill other people.  And if that happened, we would face it together.  My mom once had a client whose 16 year old son was driving in to the sun one morning, reached for his sun glasses, and hit two women riding bikes.  One woman died and he was charged with manslaughter.  It was an accident.  A terrible, terrible accident.  And if something like that ever happened, we would apologize and do whatever was the right thing to do.
Tonight I am thankful for the chance to hug my babies today.  I am thankful for the chance to talk to them and to try to cement in their brains that they are never alone, that we will always love them; and that we will always try to help them do what is right.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Woo Hoo!!!!

Tomorrow is it!  The last day of school!  We did it!  We all did it!  We made it!
This school year has been rough.  But we all made it!
We are going to have a picnic tomorrow :)  I am looking forward to some time for the kids to relax, recenter, and retreat from daily pressures!  Kids need to have some stress free days for weeks at a time.  I've noticed that with that, my kids become the best versions of themselves :)  They do good just being kids and having fun :)  Kids being kids . . I love it!
Tomorrow I am thankful that it is THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!!  I've had a countdown going for weeks and weeks now!  And just like this train we saw today on the field trip, we'll be OUTTA THERE!!

Wednesday, June 7, 2017


We are Sooooo close to the end of school!!  I seriously cannot wait!!!
Tomorrow is a F - Day.  What?!  "Field"  Geesh people!  My middle schoolers have Field Day and my elementary schoolers have Field Trips!
Today was awards day in the middle school.  I am very proud of my kiddos!  Not because they got a piece of paper - although that is cool, don't get me wrong!  But I am proud that they both survived a year of middle school!  My sixth grader has done very well with the added freedom and responsibility!  My eighth grader has done amazingly well with middle school drama and struggles!
Of course I am proud of my elementary kiddos too!  My fifth grader has plowed thru this last year of elementary with flying colors amidst all the growing pains of fifth grade!  And my third grader has crawled, climbed, and just kept pushing thru this year to see it to the end.
Yes tonight (and always) I am thankful to be a proud momma to four amazing kiddos!!

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Thankful for Both

I learned awhile ago that taking responsibility for life is a key to happiness in life.  I could complain that I have to work.  Or I can take ownership of the work; and be thankful that I get to choose to work today.
I could complain that my house is always messy.  Or I can take ownership of my busy, crazy house; and be thankful that it is crazy and full of love.
I could complain that we have to cook the food (again) to eat.  Or I can take responsibility for the choice to be economical and healthier to eat at home; and be thankful that we have food to eat.
I could complain that weeks where I take off time for field trips, I work like crazy before and after to make up for that time.  Or I can take ownership that I choose to do both, field trips with the kids and maintain a steady work flow; and be thankful that I have the opportunity to do both.
Tonight I am thankful that I get to go on field trips, like the one coming up on Thursday.  I am also thankful that my job allows me to work more before and after a field trip to make up for that lost time.  And with that thankfulness, I am going to bed now.  I'm exhausted!

Monday, June 5, 2017

99 Meets 91

Imagine this - you are 91 years old.  You actually just had a birthday, 2 days ago and turned 91!
As you look back over the years, you have a lot to be grateful for!  You were married to a wonderful man for over 50 years.  You have 5 wonderful children, 12 grandchildren, and 8 great-grandchildren.  You are very blessed!
Of course, your 91 years had some rough times.  Every life has some tough times.  To hear your story, well your rough times got pretty rough.  Yet somehow thru faith and perspective, you've always smiled.  You've always seen the blessings thru the dark days.  And you've always remembered that someone else would love to have the things you would be inclined to take for granted.  For that, you try to never take things for granted!
You somehow just don't feel 91.  You sing and dance.  You play with toys in the toy aisle of the store.  You hold the door open for "little old ladies" who are 30 years your junior.  Age is a number that will never define you; so you just live your life, enjoying your blessings.
Now here you are, 2 days after your 91st birthday.  You live with your daughter and her husband.  They take good care of you.  It took some adjusting when you moved in.  But you feel at home and loved!  Today your son-in-law is having some of his extended family over for a visit.  His aunt is coming from over an hour away.
When she arrives, she sits down in a chair by you.  Your daughter tells her that you just had your 91st birthday.  And she says, "Well you're just a kid!".  The aunt is 99.  She'll be 100 in September. :)  You enjoy chatting with her!
Everyone in the room sees a few things in common here.  You both have a sense of humor!  You both are faithfully grateful for the good things in life!  And you both have a mutual appreciation and love for your families!
I'm no rocket scientist, but I see a trend here!
Tonight I am thankful for my Grandma, the kid :)  And I am thankful for Mark's Aunt Kate, also a bit of a kid herself :)  And tonight I am thankful to be blessed to see the important things in life, lived out right in front of me in my life.  These ladies are excellent examples on how to live life . . and I'm taking notes!

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Determined Children

I'll always remember the first summer that my parents made a list.  It hung on the refrigerator.  It was of varying jobs around yard that they wanted done and what they would pay for the job.
Now I know some people would say that my brother and I should have just done the jobs.  We did have chores that we did because we in the house and had to be responsible.  These jobs on the list were bigger tasks.  And it sent a good message of working hard and making money.
Since I was younger, and a girl, there were jobs on that list that were meant for my brother.  Well, I wanted the money.  So while we were home during spring break, I picked one of the harder jobs that had a higher dollar amount.  I don't remember what I was saving for at the time.  I don't think it was even about the money so much as that they assumed my brother would do it.  I was never told I couldn't.  I just remember seeing the surprised look on their faces when they came home after work that day and saw what I was doing.  Well, the look was surprised and proud ;)
I finished the job.  And I earned the money.  And I was pretty proud myself!
Tonight the hubster and I talked to our kids about our own list that we would have available for kids who wanted to earn some extra cash this summer.  The first thing on the list is moving some heavy rocks.  A lot of heavy rocks.  It just so happens that my youngest just found some fancy, shmancy Pokemon set in this big huge box thing for $50.  He just saw it yesterday in the store and had a tear running down his face when I said he'd have to save up for it.  He just knew he couldn't save up enough money to go buy that thing before someone else did.
Guess where my youngest was tonight?  Out in the yard moving rocks.  And he'll keep moving rocks tomorrow and the rest of this week too!
Tonight I am thankful for determined children.  When used correctly, this trait will take them far!  I am thankful for a chance to teach the kiddos to work hard for what they want! 

Saturday, June 3, 2017


So, let me get real with you for a minute or two.
I am the heaviest right now that I've ever been (not including pregnancies).  I am not proud of this.
I have tried eating healthier, and nothing changes.
I have increased my exercise, and nothing changes.
Do you want to know why?
Because I know why.
Despite a good effort at the beginning of this year to sleep more every night; I'm still not sleeping enough.
Yes, my thyroid is a little off.  And a few other things are a little off.  But guess what plays in to thyroid and other things . . sleep.
So, on a good note, I'm not sleeping 4 hours a night anymore.  I am up to an average of 6.  Guess what?  6 hours is not enough for me.  Especially after years of not sleeping enough.  I need to do like a month of 10 hours probably to make my body happy.  Yeah, I don't see that happening either . . .
So I'm shooting for 8.  Maybe I can do 8.  I actually had a thought today . . I need to shoot for 9 hours.  Then I can get closer to hitting 8; at least 7 then maybe?
A friend recently lost 30 pounds and wrote about using her Fitbit to see the calories she was burning versus what she was eating.  I'm not really knowledgeable about Fitbits.  All I see is people posting how many steps they've taken.  That's not really impressive to me (sorry guys!).  But after reading her post, I wondered what else a Fitbit could do.  So I looked it up.  Did you know it can also track sleep?
I hopped on amazon and looked up Fitbits.  Did you know they are over $100?!  Um . . well, I'm cheap . . . . er frugal.  So I went looking for a knock-off.  I found one on amazon called MoreFit.  The reviews were good and the price was much better.
It came today!  I wore it as I walked around this evening.  And I'm going to wear it tonight.  I don't plan on wearing it every night.  But I'm interested to see how I sleep.  I wonder if my sleep is not as good as it could be?  I mean I know the hours of sleep have definitely been an issue for years and years.  But maybe there is more to that?  Maybe there's not?  It'll be fun to find out!!
And if I can get disciplined enough to sleep enough, this MoreFit will at least help me with the eating healthy and moving enough.  I usually do fairly well.  But there are days that I don't.  And this nifty little thing has a reminder on it.  So if I forget to be moving, it will remind me to be moving!
Tonight I am thankful for this new little wrist thing.  I don't know how long I'll stick with it (because I've never been one for wearing things on my wrist); but it'll be educational while I do it!

Friday, June 2, 2017

One Week

There is one week left of school!!!  I can't wait!!
I think this year I want school to end more than the kids want it to end!  There has been so much fighting and drama.  Yesterday I had two kids in tears as we left the school.  They need a break!  And their Momma needs a break!
Four and a half days of school next week.  Two kids have field trips on one of the days. Field day is in there too.  We can do this!  We can totally do this!
Tonight I am thankful that this school year is almost over!!!  If you hear a victory yell Friday afternoon . . don't be alarmed.  It's just me.  Celebrating peace at last!!

Thursday, June 1, 2017


I have been hearing a lot about being intentional.  This is being talked about in the coaching, the videos, the discussions that I have been involved in to learn more about how to be better.
And I can tell you, it is spot on.  It is probably impossible to improve anything, myself, a system, a plan, my family, my health, anything; without being intentional about it.
The last two weeks I have had a hard time with this.  Guess what?  It is hard to be intentional (like the good kind of intentional with though and purpose) when you are emotional.  And I use "emotional" very broadly.  Anxiety, depression, worry . . all these just bury intentions.
It makes me believe that i am on the verge of something great.  Have you ever felt that way?  Like the devil is trying hard to throw me off my path . . . why is he trying so hard?  What's around this next bend?  It's gotta be something amazing, or he wouldn't care!
So here I am.  Two weeks later and I've got a mess around me.  I'm not beating myself up at all.  This was a mess.  And it is done.  And while I was working on that mess, I let the rest of life become a mess.
As I have logged in this blog for the past many years, I work too much.  Working too much before was intentional.  We had an awesome goal and we nailed it!  Now, I am working on NOT working too much.  And I have to be intentional about it.  Because my intentionally working too much was for so many years, it is now a habit.  Working 80+ hours a week is my norm, my trained reaction, and my comfort zone.  But I don't want it.  And this is the year for that to change.
I had made some good strides towards that so far.  And these past two weeks, I've just lost them.  I didn't stick to any of the procedures that I've put in place.  I was just on autopilot.
I hadn't listened or read any of my Entreleadership stuff for the past two weeks because I was so stressed.  And I really didn't want to try and handle any new ideas.  But today while I was driving around, I tuned in.  And they were talking about being intentional.  Yep . . . I needed to hear that.
Earlier this week I written about the decision to help myself a little again by sleeping enough, eating right, exercising, etc.  And now I'm taking it a step further.  It is time to be intentional again in every area.  Because I really can't be intentional about much else when I am working so much.
Tonight I am thankful for being intentional.  It is a decision.  A well thought, and well felt decision put in to action.  I'm getting back on my path ;)